The revolution in Egypt began a day before I was to departure towards Alexandria. Despite that fact the boat left Venice and headed towards its first stop in Tartus in Syria. I remember that all the people on the board were very conscious of the changing political landscape and for the whole days we were following up-to-date briefings on the situation. In the meantime the Egyptian borders were closed, there were army and thousands of people on the streets. This was it. I had to change the route of my journey. I couldn't quite believe that I wouldn't go to Egypt and what that meant I wouldn't see the Bibliotheca Alexandrina, the Suez Canal, the Pyramids and the Nile. Missi...

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A few days after my circumnavigation of the globe has been accomplished, Vishal - a friend of mine from Nepal met in New York, sent me the following message:

"I am really happy that you got to experience such a wonderful journey and had such memorable experiences in wonderful cities with wonderful people. Long term traveling is not easy, especially moving at a pace that you did and certainly traveling alone is more difficult especially since you have an amazing family. To expand what you wrote on your website, people are not born to work in cubicles and be work-machines. We all need to get out of our shells from time to time and discover what it means to be a human being again, to be liberated in every sense of the word. I am glad your mission of circumnavigating the world was accomplished in the time mentioned and I am glad your spirits are high. That's all we really want, don't we?"